Why You Should Always Keep An Updated Blog

Having a personal or company blog is a great way to keep your audience and customers informed, boost your website traffic, as well as increase your general page ranking in major search engines. Unfortunately, these benefits can only be reaped if you keep updating your blog regularly and with quality contents to keep your audience always interested. It is always said “content is king”, and the fresher it is the better for you.

Letting your blog sit without new postings will affect you in so many ways. In fact, updating your blog more often is an easy way to increase traffic and an affordable SEO technique to increase your page ranking. On the other hand, having outdated content on your pages negatively affects your page rank. In addition, outdated blog contents are less likely to attract people you would want to link to your blog. Therefore, it is essential to keep your blog(s) as updated as possible in order to get returns on your investment. Primarily, the goal of having a blog is to boost traffic and drive sales.

Updated blog content is important since it lets your site visitors and customers know that you are considerate and that you care about keeping them informed. Consequently, this increases your reputation and enables you to gain trust of site visitors that will eventually help your business grow. By not updating your blog in weeks or months, tells your site visitors and customers that you do not care enough even to maintain your blog. Additionally, outdated blogs may also make your customers and site visitors think that you or your company is not active.

Ideally, your blog should be updated twice or thrice a week. On the minimum, you should post to your blog at least once a week. Anything beyond this will be detrimental to your blog and would be wise not to have a blog at all than to keep one that is outdated. There are several options if you do not have time to write posts for your blog. If you have a team, you can opt for the entire team to write posts and designating each team member a day per week or a week per month for them to make sure something is posted. Alternatively, you can outsource the task from many freelance writers who will be happy to write and post content for you. Therefore, no one should have an excuse of keeping an outdated blog.

You should never underestimate the power of having a good blog; especially, when you keep your content up to date. In fact, you will see impressive returns on your investment by simply keeping your blog updated.

In closing, although most people get excited by having a blog, it is only a handful that keep their blogs updated. An outdated blog is detrimental to your business and gives a negative image of your company or business. On the other hand, keeping you blog updated with quality content will help you improve your reputation on your site visitors and customers, and it is an affordable SEO technique that eventually increases your page ranking.

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